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Noble brands are a specific type of luxury, characterized by their genuine (noble) intentions. Instead of superfluousness and excessive status-seeking, they are closely related to art handicraft and sustainable luxury, which actually goes back to good old moral values and could already be found in the Confucian Book of Rites “Liji” and also some thousand years later in Frederick the Great’s Anti-Machiavel. According to both, Confucianism and Prussian virtues, our goal of life should be about developing our personality, mind and soul, to become a noble person. On that way, we are facing two major struggles: 1) for self-restriction of our own immediate needs (consumerism), ideally, to become ambitious explorers and creators and 2) for self-restriction in relation to the needs of others and of nature. This is a philosophy of life that is very relevant for a specific customer target group and should be reflected by suitable high-end branding strategies and especially with noble brand personalities.

We are using this webpage also to initiate exchange and cooperation between professors, entrepreneurs, brand managers and other experts in the luxury and high-end cultural & creative industries. If you like, start cooperating here.

What We Do

Brand-building & Digitalization for Luxury and High-end Cultural & Creative Businesses

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In the luxury and high-end cultural & creative industries you cannot create a business without creating a brand. Its success depends on fundamental strategic decisions about the brand identity and positioning, which rely on in-depth consumer insights, and lead to consumer benefits. We are specializing in developing useful frameworks for brand-building in the high-end cultural & creative industries and in applying them through various projects with big luxury maisons, but also with handicraft brands and start-ups.

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How can we increase the conversation rate of our online store? (How) should we enter the Chinese market? ...Whatever strategic decision we need to take, it can barely be based on experience alone, but requires solid market research. We have experience with large-scale consumer surveys all over Europe and in China and especially with in-depth interviews and focus groups. With naïve market research about status-sensitive aspects you can easily end-up with misleading results. Therefore, we combine adequate research methods (such as Repertory Grid) with the foundations of (luxury) consumer behavior and theories of persuasion.

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In the high-end and lifestyle segments there is no business-building without brand-building - and hardly any brand-building without a digital strategy. The web presence is one of the key brand-consumer touch points with a large impact on purchase decisions. We specialize in the conceptualization and implementation of digital platforms including brand and campaign landing pages, brand communities, content management systems as well as database and e-commerce applications.

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As “teachers can only be teachers when they are explorers” (Heinz von Foerster), training and education should be based on own research and practical experience. One the other hand, “while we teach, we learn” (Seneca). Therefore, we believe in a balanced mix of practical projects, academic and business publications, presentations at conferences, lectures and seminars in study programs as well as manager trainings through in-company workshops and study trips. The central topic revolves around the question “How to create and to manage a brand in the luxury and high-end cultural & creative industries?” – and this is related to other topics such as luxury consumer behavior, market research and digital marketing.

Our Team

Andreas Räde
IT, eCommerce
Dr. Klaus Heine
High-end Branding
China, Germany
Dr. Vera Seidemann
High-end Consumer Behavior, Market Research
Dr. Michel Phan
High-end Retail, Social Media
China, France
Marco Eisenberg
Project Management, Education
Germany, South Africa
Khaled Bouharrour
Fashion & Interior Design
China, Switzerland
Dr. Daniel A. Mohr
High-end Design, Sourcing, Manufacturing & Consulting


22 Mar

The two-day conference explores contemporary issues and innovative research in the area of luxury branding management.

03 Mar

This is a call for conceptual and empirical contributions for my track chair on "Luxury Brand-Building" at the Global Marketing

12 Feb

Art for the Ear, here it were it comes from - you can feel their passion for their audio systems and speakers!

11 Feb

Gobi Cashmere is a high-end brand from Mongolia with much ambition to develop their brand in Western markets.

09 Dec

Surprise, surprise, there exist already a number of Chinese luxury brands.

03 Nov

Final presentation of the EMLYON & Jiao Tong university student team at the Gaggenau showroom in Shanghai to the Gaggenau C

18 Oct

Visitng the "annual Concours d’Elegance dedicated to the Chinese and Asian automobile enthusiasts and classic car community." The highlight was th

30 Sep

The Journal of Brand Management presents this call for papers for a special issue on "Luxury Brand-Building and Development: Ne

29 Sep

Kick-off meeting at Jiao Tong Luxury Research Center.

23 Sep

Kick-off meeting with Mr. Mi Changhong, the founder & CEO of Longio.

16 Sep

Meeting at the Montblanc headquarters in Shanghai.

09 Sep

Market and trend research and lot's of creativity for three months to come...!

30 Aug

The new ranking "Top 50 German Luxury Brands" is out.

25 Jun

Track chair on Luxury Trends and Strategies

23 Jun

Discussing future opportunities in the Chinese high-end market.

28 May

The CEIBS 7th Prestige Brands Forum 2015.

22 May

The Handmade  in Germany Tour in Shanghai.

17 May

The Change of Luxury: New Challenges and Opportunities for Market Research and Marketing in the Luxury Food Industry.

02 May

During my course "Luxury Brand Management" (as part of the EMLYON Luxury Management & Marketing Master program), student tea

28 Apr

Kick-off meeting at MPH in Shanghai.

26 Mar

Two-day training program with the team and their agency.

23 Jan

Heine, K., and Petersen, F.E. (2015) Marketing Lessons Luxury Wine Brands Teach us About Authenticity and Prestige.

22 Dec

Klaus Heine and Michel Gutsatz (2014) Luxury Brand Building in China: Eight Case Studies and Eight Lessons Learned.

03 Oct

You are cordially invited to submit papers for our conference track "New Luxury vs. Old Luxury: Luxury Trends and Strategies".

25 Sep

A new book about Wine Business Management edited by Steve Charters & Jérôme Gallo and published by Pearson.

25 Sep

LRJ is a new cross-disciplinary, peer-reviewed international journal that publishes high-quality conceptual and empirical articles (using quantita

16 Jul

2014 Global Marketing Conference at Singapore “Bridging Asia and the World: Globalization of Marketing & Management Theory and Practice”

01 Mar

Sonntag, Mediengruppe Madsack (2014) Man Gönnt Sich Ja Sonst Alles.

27 Apr

Vera Waldschmidt and Klaus Heine contributed several articles to the Meisterkreis China Compendium.